Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We actually saw water! Salty water!

We took a trip to Washington DC to visit my grandparents. It was great to spend some time with them. While there we took a day to look at boats in Annapolis. We scheduled to see 5, and ended up on board 8. The one I was most excited about before the trip ended up being only in the middle of the pack of favorites by the end of the day. Of that trip, a Cal 35 was our favorite.

We also got to talk with my mom's cousin, who has been sailing for many decades. He approved of the Cal as a tolerable boat. He also suggested that several of the boats we looked at would not be good, safe, sturdy boats capable of withstanding some nasty weather. He didn't know much about the Allmand, therefore didn't have an opinion. That particular boat didn't inspire me, so it is probably out of the running.

I still want to sail away for $1,000/LOD. I think that is easily achievable in a sturdy boat roughly 35 feet long, without too many luxuries. We shall see what more internet research turns up.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

An Affair with the Sea

An Affair with the Sea
written March 2007

Animated, open, blue, inviting,
champagne bubbles floating gracefully,
without effort, she glides seductively
teasing the waves with her curves.

Mesmerized by her shape and beauty,
the sea opens up to embrace her.
in unison, like a familiar touch,
embodied by pleasure.

The sea swells, surrounding her.
Taking hold, pressing into the sea.
The sea shivers, she comes undone
As nature intended, unconditional love.

At each peak, she enjoys the movement
over and again, the sea knows her pleasure.
together, there is excitement within,
each knowing how the other moves.

As the sea calms, her body breathes,
slowly resting, but never stopping.
The spirit in the breeze, the motion of the sea
united with great energy and passion for one another.