Being a new cruiser/liveaboard, we anticipate having a list of projects to complete prior to picking up anchor and heading south. Below are our ideas and plans to refit, pick up and figure out along the way!

There are two types of lists that come with owning a boat in my eyes:

the must do's and the like-to-do's

Since owning Aletheia we're developing our two lists which consists of the following in no particular order:

Must Do's:
Replace BoatWorks oarlocks
Captain's Quarters
Set up wind vane
Remove autopilot setup
Modify home port from Portland to Denver (update letters on the transom)
Varnish toerails
Refinish the cockpit with fresh paint and anti-skid paint

Additional engine solution
New galley countertop (in process!)
New settee cushion slipcovers
Replace cockpit backboards with mahogany
Refresh hull paint stripe
Wood trim around portholes
Checkerboard on saloon table
Paint BoatWorks on transom

Purchasing a dinghy was a top priority when preparing for our departure from Halifax. 

The Dinghy (aka Dink)
As they say in sailing: plans are always written in the sand, at low tide. As we found our way headed East to Nova Scotia, we developed plans to purchase a dinghy. Our plans developed as follows: 

Plan A: Build a tortoise dingy upon arriving in Nova Scotia
Plan B: Buy a beautiful new wooden dinghy from Whetstone Boats in Marlboro, VT
Plan C: Buy a used fiberglass dinghy from a Novascotian

Things certainly have a way of working themselves out, don't they? We chose Option C! We found the ideal dinghy from a local source through (a local Craigslist), purchased and rowed it to our home the very same day it was posted online. Now we get to polish her up with new brass oarlocks, noodle bumpers and christen with a name. 

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  1. I knew you should have taken "Home Economics"....and where is Aunt Bev when you need her for sewing lessons.....darn!!
    Naming the boat "Boat Works" - perfect and you know dad liked perfection!! The rest will come with time or time that Nat can give you with his expertise in building...he is the best, but you can learn from the best....Welcome aboard Nat!!
    xoxo mama