This interactive map allows us to capture our sailing whereabouts and share our current route (and because Google Maps is awesome)! It's a bit like an interactive journal and will grow over time as we sail to our next destination. 

We hope you enjoy watching our map grow over the next year. We'd love to have you visit us somewhere on the map too! 

If you click on any green balloon, we've added quick notes about the day's sailing experience (sailing conditions, anchorages, wind, etc). You can also click on the routes to learn about the passages.

The routes are approximate (tacking not included).



  1. Aww I was hoping the Googs was somehow tracking the boat's GPS so it would be almost live info...
    Still, cool.
    Nate, you have a project.

  2. How do you find your way amongst all those different inlets and waterways? What kind of markings are there - and can you see them at night or does everyone stop when it gets dark?

  3. Hello,

    I am arriving in Lauderdale this weekend. I will be staying beside the las olas bridge that crosses the ICW, perhaps we can meet for a drink some evening as we missed each other in purcells cove.

    Christian Zuck