The Crew

We are humbled to share our sailing plans and adventures with the sailing community and fellow bloggers, so grab a Dark & Stormy and come aboard!

We've been crewing together since 2004 fresh out of college at CU-Boulder. While we're not racing sailboats in summertime on Lake Dillon or snowboarding in wintertime among the Rockies, we have 9-5 jobs and dream of exploring the world in a Moore Better Way! 

Nate (Nate-Dogg) is a natural-born "Doer" - adventurer with unstoppable dreams and aspirations. Nate graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and has a love for building science and sustainability practices. Nate started his sailing career as a young boy, sailing with cousins in Maine. In 2006, Nate sailed from Maine to Georgetown, Bahamas. Deciding it wasn't time to come home, he found a home aboard a 42' Pearson and sailed down the leeward islands of the Caribbean until May 2007. Nate is currently working for the Dept. of Energy as a Buildings Engineer

Jenn ("BJ") is more of a dreamer than a doer - although she plans to change that. She finds inspiration through practicing and teaching Yoga and running. Jenn graduated with a Marketing degree. She gained sailing experience when she quit her 9-5 job and joined Nate in Puerto Rico in March 2007 to sail the Caribbean down to Grenada until May 2007. Jenn is currently working for the city of Denver as an Office & Events Coordinator.

Wyatt ("Harold, couch monarch") is an endearing 8-year old golden retriever. We adopted him in October 2009 as our "first baby". Wyatt finds inspiration from car rides, swimming, baths, hiking and running with Jenn. Wyatt enjoys breakfast, dinner, 2nd breakfast, elevensies, lunch, supper, licking plates and obeying commands for treats. We love him dearly and hope he can learn to poop on a boat!

Note: Bios subject to change as our lives change.

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  1. Hi - I just stumbled across your blog. Wyatt is just adorable! I've added you to our sailing blog list and am looking forward to following your adventures. Cheers - Ellen |