Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A to the K: Day 1

We made it over 3,000 miles via direct flight, chasing the sunset, into Anchorage, AK. We arrived at midnight and it felt like dusk in Colorado. Being at 61 degrees North in summertime is a hoot and an adjustment!

Once we awoke the next morning at our cousin's "little house", the sky looked about the same as when we fell asleep. Eager to see our younger cousin whom we haven't seen since our wedding five years ago, we trekked to the "big house" uphill complete with stoned paths, Ents and a magical unicorn to guide us.
We enjoyed homemade breakfast crepes with mangoes and french press coffee complete with an amazing view at the "big house". Thanks Jen!

Our cousin is now seven and full of excitement, joyous energy, curiosity and creative tenacity. This little boy is so smart and know so much about the world he lives in, about nature, flora & fauna. He knows himself well and boy can he hike a mountain!

We gathered all five of us in the Subaru and found a nearby hiking trail up Indian House Peak. This peak was actually a cliff with a narrow walking path. We likely climbed 2,500 vertical feet in roughly 3 miles. Stopped for a snack at the top and ran our way downhill to avoid the rumbling and approaching thunder clouds. Once down, we refreshed our bodies at the local pub, the Brown Bear Saloon, for cheeseburgers and cold beers.
Top of Indian House Peak
After our revivial, we took a small hike up on our cousin's property overlooking a beautiful valley! We polished off the evening with morsels of whale meat (likely my first and last morsel, but happy to taste it), Thai dinner and G&Ts. Not able to hold out much longer on Day 1, we slipped on our eye masks and sunk into bed, which looked about the same as when we awoke that very morning. This latitude will take some getting used to!

For now,

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