Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tree Hugger

After 5 long days of sailing from Beaufort, NC (just over roughly 400NM, merely stating our distance proudly, non-gloating), we entered Ponce de Leon Inlet, just south of Daytona Beach. A few hours prior to our entrance, I spoke with Sea Tow (over VHF) to collect local knowledge on entering the Inlet. Comments from Active Captain highly suggest to ask for clarification before entering, and by golly, that's just what we did! We entered the inlet Monday evening, just after sunset, which isn't recommended for an unfamiliar area, but we got out the spotlight to locate the shoal markers, instructed to leave heavily to starboard. Not heavily enough, we gently ran aground. Being his intuitive self and by no means having both vision, Nate turned us from whence we came and I dropped the hook in 13ft of water. Stopped. After. 5. days. of. constant. movement.

Tuesday morning we got escorted into Lighthouse Boatyard and we were happy clams to see the boatyard, dock hands and my most favorite, palm trees! This is our first time paying for a dock and well worth it ($1.75/ft=$63, showers, new friends and internet included)! As Nate took my hand and led me onto the dock, I steadily landed my feet and ran to the nearest palm tree. I'm now known in the boatyard as "Jenn, the Tree Hugger"! It's a name I believe I've earned.

During a long and rough passage, no cleaning of any kind gets done. Our cabin was astruned after 5 days; books, cans, clothing in every corner, Wyatt peed and pooped inside because we couldn't get him into the cockpit, and our souls were in desperate need of multiple hot showers. Once tied to the dock, putting the boat back in order and cleaning it with boiling water+Pine Sol was more than satisfying, opening the v-berth hatch and portholes let fresh, warm sea air circulate the space and unlimited shower access gave us a new sense of purpose. I'm not kidding!

We've made great friends at the boatyard, had a boat party aboard Aletheia and repaired a couple items onboard. We'll resew, using waxed dental floss, a portion of our foresail that ripped during our passage and plan to get underway Friday morning towards Ft. Lauderdale, one of our major destinations!

First official palm tree!
Fresh Little Tunny - gave us 3-4 meals
Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Big pelican!
My studio
A butterfly landed on my finger
Our newest crew member and Wyatt, his biggest fan
Another favorite spot (still and quiet)
Love to All,
Nate & Jenn


  1. Congrats on your passage and major accomplishment! My Dad loved, loved loved the Florida Pelicans. Thanks for the picture. Enjoy the leg you are on now (reading this Friday night). Love DEJS

  2. Phew! I can finally remove my sea bands!! Calm waters!! Good to see you out of winter clothes!!! Hello warm weather!!! Much Love Aunt Bev

  3. Sounds like you guys finally passed me by. Send some warm weather back up this way, it's been getting cold again. ;-)