Tuesday, April 7, 2015

FL Keys: Week 2

Boot Key Harbor continues to show us a good time and replicate summer camp. The daily "cruiser's net" begins at 9AM on Channel 68. I'd guess about 50-75 boats are listening on any given day. We try to tune in every morning. The net is filled with announcements, upcoming events, "buy, sell, trade, giveaways", a place to ask questions about systems, needing help, trivia, etc. Today Nate chimed in to ask for advice about our electric motor monitor acting up. Someone responded back on the net to offer advice and came over to our boat to have a look, and help come up with some suggestions. There is a strong network of knowledgeable sailors willing to share tools, advice, and offer solutions. It's a great little floating community with very friendly and helpful neighbors.

I was lucky enough to teach my first yoga class at the Marathon Community Park. I was a bit nervous, but thankfully it was like riding a bike! Being outside with a gentle breeze, bright sun, and chirping birds made the class very special. To make it more special, I volunteered to turn the class into a fundraiser for a well known couple in the harbor. I don't know them whatsoever, but from stories shared, they are wonderful, helpful and gracious to others in need. This was my way of giving back. We raised $91 thanks to the generosity of the 12 students that showed up! That was a lot of fun!

We continue to check out the local scene, live music, and cheap happy hours. Sometimes we must hide out aboard Aletheia to avoid spending too much money and consuming too many calories. We row through the harbor waving to our neighbors, inviting complete strangers over for sundowners (aka alcoholic beverages) and trading boat cards with other cruisers. Some people roll in to Boot Key anticipating just a few nights stay, a 1-week or a 1-month stay before sailing to their next destination or before heading home, depending on the season. We've met people that came for 1 week, been here 7. Others came for a month and have been on the ball for 5 years. LOL! Entrepreneurs have been born here, families have brought babies home from the hospital. I'm beginning to see positive aspects of this lifestyle and the variety of wonderful people to meet and stay in contact with for years to come! I'm sure our paths will cross again!

My yoga studio!
My students in Savasana
Dockside Grille  - one of many live music venues in Marathon!
Door to door service - dinghy style
Sail Away Sunday - at Glory Days helm
16 boats out for Sail Away Sunday
I think we're in about 15ft of water. See the depth change?
Love to all,
Jenn & Nate

p.s. I did actually pick up basket weaving. Told you its like summer camp! Here is the only picture I'll share (until its complete, of course!)

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  1. Yay! So glad you got a chance to teach yoga!