Monday, August 3, 2015

My Girl

Most of you who have followed our blog (Thank you ever so much!) may have detached yourselves since we are no longer sailing our Allied Princess Junk Rig. However, this experience will always exist for me and something I will look back upon when faced with a challenge big or small, to be mindful, not focusing on the expected outcome, but finding joy and perspective in the process.

I wrote this journal entry on May 25, 2015 as we sailed into St. Petersburg, FL sitting on Aletheia's bow, allowing my emotions to overtake and quickly write as my head spun with thoughts, sadness, excitement, self-doubt, contentment, acceptance and happiness that I was able to acknowledge.

Aletheia - a permanent attachment to my soul

Life is about choices. As I sit here on your bow, you've given me the greatest choice - 
To be brave. 
To be humble.
To be respectful. 
To be grateful.
To be patient.

We sail you into a safe harbor so that someone may sail you out, to experience your unique abilities and connect with your soul, which has now become a part of me.

Five more NM (nautical miles) with you as mine - this may be the one moment I wish the wind would die or shift so that our moment could last a bit longer. 

Today we share salty tears upon the salty bay and know that when we met, sailed nearly 4,500NM together through moments that shook me to the core, you accepted me and I accepted you and we made a choice - to have an adventure, to connect in a way only ladies understand.

You will always be known as someone that has strengthened my character, become a proponent of my spirit, and ignited in me Pride, Competency and Love.

You have helped support a desire, fulfill a dream, guide an unpredictable journey. You've conjured in me happiness and tears, sadness and laughter. You've taught me things I wouldn't have otherwise known I am capable of doing.

You've boosted my competence, lifted my confidence, allowing me to witness my true self, my Atman. I've enjoyed the gift of new friends, new places, brightening my sunsets and horizons, making moments of stillness something we truly deserve and treasure.

To appreciate minute details like the luffing of the sails. To finding my way around the cabin through both red light and darkness. Your creaks are familiar. Raindrops at anchor excite me. Sentiments have their place - books, cards, ceramic cups, booze and tethers. I've learned so much from you.

Everything has purpose. Thank you for allowing my heart to appreciate something new. This experience will now and forever give greater meaning to my continued journey. Thank you my girl.

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  1. I just read this Jen. With tears in my eyes, I am sitting at the kitchen table overlooking the farm. The wind is very fresh and thinking about what I would be doing if I were on the boat in this breeze. Although I am sad to not have the opportunity to run into you in ports of call,I am glad for your new adventure. Fair winds