Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Balmy Day!

Thanks Elizabeth City and the Mariner's Wharf for your wonderful hospitality!

Anyone coming down the Dismal Swamp route or road-tripping for that matter, must stop through this little town for some good old fashion, well mannered, genteel-natured folks.

Thanks to the Elizabeth City Welcome Center for the use of the free beach cruisers to provision our galley, for the cleanliness of your warm and clean facilities and printing off some documents for us.

Thumpers, a great local bar made us feel at home with cheap beers to keep the wallet fat, good food, and a place to keep warm while still having a "night out on the town"!

SoHo Organic Market - an awesome organic grocer with a ridiculous beer selection that we spent a while perusing. In addition to actually buying groceries, we picked up a new Top Dog IPA, Shipyard Pumpkin Smash (Jenn's weakness) and Black Radish Farm Ale. It's going to be a fun trip down the ICW!

It's a beautiful, 46 degree day as we untie our lines, with less than 5 layers on, and sail down the Pasquotank River into Albemarle Sound over the next couple days. Hope everyone is staying warm out there! You know we are!

Many thanks for the complementary slip!

Our grocery-getters!
Discovered on my run...someone likes the letter "O"
Outside a Baptist church
This is how we roll in Elizabeth City
Love to All,
Nate & Jenn

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  1. I love how you travel with tasty beverages - the pictures are great, what a beautiful fall - aren't you glad you are not in Buffalo!!Blankets of White - your color chart is much better. Be safe and talk to you soon...xoxo mama