Monday, November 10, 2014

The Approaching Holidays

Throughout our travels, we've been able to visit with family and friends, mostly along the east coast. Recently, we sailed through Cape May, NJ to spend time with my dad's side of the family followed by Nate's grandparents in DC. Our schedule truly allows for a 24-hour notification window, so we've been blessed and grateful that people have made the effort to find time in their busy schedules, even on their weekends, for a family visit. 

Realizing the holidays are quick to arrive later this month, we will all surround ourselves by loved ones whether it be family, lifelong friends or new people we accept into our lives. In honor of our first holiday "away" from family, we're posting some special moments we've had along our journey, by land and by sea; to let everyone know we deeply appreciate your love, generosity and excitement, and love the phone conversations, texts and time spent together. Life is good. Family is awesome!
Cleveland with ole' Uncle Art & my bro on our way to Halifax
Indians game @ Progressive Field - good times with these lovebirds!
Blue Hill Wedding

Blue Hill Wedding

Freeport, ME with Dana & Gigi - I've adopted Gigi as another mother!
Gloucester, MA - Nate's LM!
Boston, MA with Malcolm
Cambridge, MA - our lovely dinner party hosts
Our first crew heading to Cape Cod
New school NYC
Old school NYC
Cape May family time
Love these beautiful people - my dad's big brother
Ready for trolling - thanks Mark & Eric!
Made the 1.5 hr trip to hang out - thanks Chris & Kim!
A night out on the town with Granny & Grandpops - yummo Italian dinner!
And this little Hazel-Marie - 18 days old. CONGRATS Callie & Dongbo!
Great catching up with this guy - thanks Benny D for making time after getting off the plane!
Love to all,
Jenn & Nate


  1. Great pictures...thanks for posting!! Congrats to Dongbo and Callie - everything is good. Sure hope you don't have our weather for the next 10 days - Snow and cold, but that's CO!! Next week, who knows maybe in the 70's....wishful thinking. Look for calm and warming weather as you head south...with everything working. Keep in touch,,xoxo mama

  2. P.S. The family looks great and all smiles, but look who they are with!! xoxo mama

  3. Beautiful pictures! along with the appreciation of family and "framily"....Much Love xoxo Aunt Bev