Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ho hum

Life continues apace here on the boat. Since Jenn's on vacation (who leaves south Florida in the winter to go to Colorado? Intentionally?) there isn't much going on for me and the dog. I'll tell you a bit about what our days here have been like.
We are now in Sunrise Bay, Ft. Lauderdale.
It finally cooled down a bit! Being able to bundle up in blankets at night is so nice. And by bundle up, I mean use them at all.

Wakes from the water taxi and passing mega-yachts on the ICW get us rolling sometimes. Mostly at mealtimes. Walking up our steep stairs with your hands full is an invitation for spilling disaster. We live dangerously around here. Wyatt reaps the benefits.
The ICW, in a rare moment of calm.
We have to wait for the tide to be right to go to or from the boat, which is kinda inconvenient. Our current anchorage is on the other side of a bottleneck from where we land the dinghy. The tidal current goes fast enough through there that I can't row against it, so we need to wait until the current is going with us. Every 6.5 hours (roughly) it changes direction. When the tide is going out in the morning and in during the afternoon, all is well. But right now we are getting to a time where it is coming in during the morning, and out in the afternoon. So if I want to leave the boat today, I do it at 7 am, or between 1 and 7 pm. It also means I can't get back to the boat until after 7 tonight. In a couple days the tide will flow in a more convenient time for me. But not being able to go back and forth as many times as I'd like whenever I want is a little inconvenient. Almost enough to make me want to move the boat somewhere else where I can do whatever I want. Maybe next week I'll get to that.
Not what my cockpit looks like. But it is me driving a 127 foot motorboat. Work work work.
Grocery shopping is an all-day affair. Have breakfast, read, clean, pat the dog, time the tides, row 10-15 minutes to land, walk 30 minutes to the beach, play volleyball for 3 hours, get some ice cream, walk 30 minutes back to the dinghy, walk another 15 minutes the other direction, shop, carry bags 20 minutes back to the dinghy, hope your food doesn't spoil in the 80 degree heat (in the shade. We're pouring sweat in the sun), visit our friend's community pool for a bit, row 20 minutes back to the boat (dinghy is heavier now, and I'm tired), try not to work up a sweat again, and perhaps have a celebratory cold beer upon arrival for having had such a rough day.
Shopping is hard


  1. Sounds like you're already retired!

    1. It's a rough life, but I think I can handle the challenge. :)