Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Remember the Icicles

I was inspired by a fellow blogger from Skelton Crew to share our own thoughts about complaining about the temperatures. We know exactly what you're going through, my friend!

I'm a winter baby at heart, but living on a sailboat in frigid temperatures isn't my idea of fun. People that choose to sail in subzero, icy, snowy conditions baffle me. They are certainly more daring and hard core than I.

Looking back, as we sailed through some frigid temperatures, we thought about our future selves when we'd be able to complain about the heat once we arrived in tropical Ft. Lauderdale. Now that we are here, wiping sweat from unmentionable places, we're saying "Man, it's so hot" (and I love it!) The only difference is that we're not really complaining at all, simply stating the facts and soaking up the glowing beads of sweat on our foreheads! I'll take breakfast in my bikini over a winter hat in the cockpit any day! 

When its cold, we wish it was warm; when it's warm, we wish it were cool. Experiencing some very cold temperatures out on the water, not being able to warm up in a subzero sleeping bag, wearing layer upon layer thinking I'm going to pee myself before I can get all these clothes off, we get the sweltering heat we've been wishing for. Now we have the days where its so hot, you can't think straight or you don't want to wear any clothing for fear of it sticking to your skin. But all we have to remember are the times we wished not to emerge from our sleeping bag at 1AM for a night shift or the icicles falling from our foresail when leaving Elizabeth City, NC. 

Since getting to warm, sometimes stifling hot weather, we've been finding ourselves on the beach playing volleyball, swimming in the ocean, reading on the foredeck and eating all of our meals in the cockpit. Cooking has now become something we try to do quickly as opposed to having a reason to warm up the cabin. It's freakin' hot when I cook, although this is what I love to do so we deal with it, take fresh air breaks and try to eat meals that don't require lots of cooking time. 

I'm heading home (to winter) for a much needed visit and look forward to seeing my family and friends. I'm sure I'll be the tannest one on the block! I'll probably complain about how cold it is too!


  1. Hi Jennifer- thanks for the shout out! It's easy to complain about extreme temps, but I have to say the cold is the worst...so miserable! I hope you go back to your nice, warm weather refreshed from the cold. Cheers!

  2. Not on a boat, but it sure has been cold lately!

    I enjoyed the updates. Your posts are fun.