Friday, March 6, 2015

Plans Written in Sand

Happy Friday from the ever-so-sunny Sunshine State! It's 81 degrees and gloriously warm. I've forgotten that it's still winter, but soon Spring will spring for everyone! Looks like the temperatures around here will hover between 75-80 degrees for the foreseeable future. Sorry if you're reading this in wool mittens and hats or in slippers sitting next to a warm fire cuddling up with wool blankets due to the outside temperatures. Although, come to think of it, that doesn't sound like a bad place to be either! I do love wintertime!

We have a slight change of plans, as with sailing, plans are written in sand at low tide.

According to Windfinder, we have a continuous week of forecasted winds straight from the east, in the direction of the Bahamas. Therefore, instead of waiting on the hook for a shift in the wind and sailing in what sailors call "headwinds" or "beating into the wind" which is no fun for anyone or any dog, we're going south into Biscayne Bay and in and around the Florida Keys. 

We're getting antsies in our pantsies. In this compromising way, rather than enjoy the weather at anchor (which has been lovely!) and wait for an ideal weather window, we get to sail in beautiful weather, in protected bays (two thumbs up for Jenn), and explore the numerous islands and keys that neither of us have seen. 

We scrubbed Aletheia down this afternoon and provisioned for our trip. We plan to checkout* Saturday morning and head towards No Name Harbor about 30NM from Ft. Lauderdale. From there, we'll hop around sailing south, stay boat-bound only going to shore to explore, build a bonfire or possibly find a beachside restaurant. We hope to find some desolate anchorages and beaches along the way.

Love to all,

*Although we'll likely have cell service, we're going to disconnect during our time in Biscayne Bay and the Keys. 
p.s. Don't forget to Spring forward one hour this Saturday night!

Freshly scrubbed decks this morning
Ft. Lauderdale River Walk
Briny's Famous Irish Pub
Creative design concept throughout the restaurant - very ecclectic

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  1. That sounds like a good plan, I'd love the chance to cruise the keys! Better to be out exploring than sitting somewhere with antsies in your pantsies. Enjoy!