Wednesday, March 18, 2015


There is never an easy time or way to share sad news, but we thought since our dearest friends and family are following this blog, it would be best to share here in this safe and supportive community.

Nate and I put our beloved Wyatt to rest on March 17th. After multiple vet visits and blood work, Wyatt was diagnosed with a sudden onset of acute renal failure (kidney disease). The link to this article explains the disease very simply. 

Resting comfortably in the shade on Tuesday

Wyatt was happily running by my side one week ago and within the week he became very sick. It happened quickly with no prior symptoms. Our choice wasn't easy, but it was the right thing to do for Wyatt's quality of life as well as our own. After getting bloat in 2011, an ACL replacement in 2014 and an ear hematoma removal just this past month, this dog has seen more than his fair share of vets and to put Wyatt through numerous vet visits, IV fluids, shots and on-going medication, we'd rather him rest in peace with his buddies because as we all know all dogs go to heaven. Wyatt has some pretty great friends up there too.

On his last day here, we took him to a nearby beach to run free, bound through the water chasing coconuts. For a few hours, all three of us forgot about the sickness and had smiles on our faces. This was definitely the Wyatt way!

Happy, salty wet dog - just the way he wanted it!

Instead of sharing details of his illness and how quickly he went from a healthy, athletic dog to his diagnosis, we want to share positive moments (and numerous amusing photos) with our Pancake. If you'd like to know more, feel free to give us a call. If you have any photos you'd like to share with us, please send to

We've been so blessed to care for Wyatt these last five years, as well as my sister, Lisa, who raised him from a puppy until he was 4 years old. We became his parents after our wedding in 2009 and couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to care for a devoted and affectionate pet. We've provided him with a happy and healthy home with so many stories, so many memories. Wyatt has shown us love, loyalty, humility and new ways to laugh. From roadtrips, Dinner in the Hood parties, impromptu bbqs, trail & road running dates, camping trips, used as girl-bait, mountain biking rides, and sleepovers, Wyatt was always there with a smile on his face, tail wagging like a set of nun-chucks. And thank you to all of our friends and family who always treated Wyatt like their own. He has been so easy to love.

May you rest in peace Sir Wyatt and chase your tail until the end of time

Checking out the digs in Halifax
After a solid run in Halifax
Just another grooming day with dad
Touring Port Clyde, ME 
After a rough day trying to leave Sambro Island, NS - this little guy comforts me
Hardly containing his excitement, going to the beach!
Exploring the woods

Our first trip & anchorage outside Halifax - boys absorbing the sunset
First time in saltwater - Blue Hill, ME

Gloucester, MA - beach time
Tea time with bears
Look mom, my new life jacket!
Heading ashore - Wyatt's favorite ride!
Stopping off for a cold beer

Enjoying sunset on the bow
Wyatt enjoying a party with new friends

Happy 2015!
Such an endearing moment with a fast friend
Oh boy, water all around me!
A cold Virginia sunset with dad and a warm lap for Nate
I'm so happy to be hanging out in the cockpit, Mom!
More cockpit action - my dad is a sucker!

And because of his utter love and cuteness, just a few more photos during our time of mourning:

Best head-tilter around!

Love to all,
Nate & Jenn


  1. RIP Wyatt. What a great and ever loyal buddy. It's lovely to see all the pictures of him - to reflect on the great time he had with you. much love, mum

  2. Awww, so sorry to hear that, but man did that guy live a good life! You guys were such awesome parents and he went on so many adventures. Glad it happened rather quickly too, not much suffering at all. My heart and thoughts with you and Wyatt. <3

  3. I'm so sorry you guys! Wyatt was such a dependable ball of love (and fur :) ), and always such a joy to have around. You guys gave him such an incredible life! What a lucky dog! I'm sure the boat will feel empty without him, although I know both his warm presence (and fur!) will not be soon forgotten :)

  4. I'm so sorry you guys! Wyatt was such a dependable ball of love (and fur :) ), and always such a joy to have around. You guys gave him such an incredible life! What a lucky dog! I'm sure the boat will feel empty without him, although I know both his warm presence (and fur!) will not be soon forgotten :)

  5. I'll miss that furry, galumphing gentleman. RIP.

  6. It is thru tears I write this sorry for this HUGE loss!...I know how much joy Wyatt brought to your life. He was a very lucky doggie!! You were SUPER parents! Your love for him and his for you was unconditional!! The pictures are Beautiful, he shines and smiles in all of them....sending you BIG HUGS.....much Love xoxo Aunt Bev

  7. I don't know how to comment. I have been sad all day, yesterday, as well as today. I just wrote what I thought was a beautiful blog but lost it when I hit publish. It is out there in cyber space with Wyatt. I knew him since he was a pup in Michigan, eating socks etc. but sweet then as well as sweet now. People say your are a grandparent to a dog, well, I have 7 (almost 8) human grandchildren that I am blessed to have, but he was my pet also. I dealt with the hair, and I must say there was alot, and I still find his hair, I will look at it differently now. I believe he was part human and understood english. He obeyed his commands when food was put in his bowl, and listened to every word spoken to him. He will be missed by all those that loved him in Colorado and those friends that he made during your travels. You and Nate were great parents to him and he gave back the love that you showed him. We will all miss him, he will be with his buddy Sydney, (Jay & Tammy's dog) who I also believe understood English and fish talk. Dogs bring unconditional love, if only humans were the same. He will be missed and I will keep the kisses I got on my cheek forever......RIP Wyatt, you are loved....xoxo mama

  8. So VERY sorry for your loss! It's never easy losing a family member, even when letting them go is what's best for them. Hugs, thoughts and prayers to you guys!

  9. We'll miss Wyatt a lot, he was such a happy fun hound. Think of you two, love Hatchet & Gü

  10. I am so sorry to hear about Wyatt. I never met him, but I loved watching him run free that day on hangman's Beach in Halifax! He was a lucky dog to have run so many beautiful beaches and so lucky to join you guys on your adventures. He is running free now.....thinking of you. Lori & Molly May