Friday, June 5, 2015

Because I'm Happy

Topic: Ten Things That Make You Happy

1) My morning coffee: it's a creature comfort and I enjoy sipping my coffee throughout the morning hours. I heart my AeroPress too!
A rich cup of coffee
2) Sunsets: they are all so unique and beautiful, most certainly on the water. It's nice to stop what you're doing and watch the Earth spin, knowing that the sun is on its way to waking others on the other side of the world.
Sunset in Key Largo, FL
3) Manicure & pedicure: I'm a pretty low-maintenance gal, but I treat myself to a mani/pedi once a year near my birthday (which is Christmas Eve, so it makes sense for the holidays). I'm not sure if it's living on a boat, but I've gotten three within the past 12 months. I'm constantly using my hands and roughing up my feet so it's not pretty. I've realized this little treat makes me feel good, so I've decided I can spend money on this (maybe 3-4 times per year or for a very special occasion) if I forgo something else that costs an equivalent amount. I get a good return on my investment!
Latest and most greatest!
4) Reuniting with family & friends (framily): I have some of the most loving friends and family members in my world and hanging out with them is so innate. Living on a boat certainly makes one realize the importance of connection and continued friendships.

5) Waking up next to my husband: I'm a lucky girl

6) Finding a good fiction author: I just discovered Diane Setterfield and read The Thirteenth Tale. I'm not a huge reader, but when I can't put a book down, I call that a WIN-WIN. Looks like I'll be reading her only other novel, Bellman & Black soon!

7) Teaching yoga: This is always a great way to work on building my confidence and pushing my students physically. My last week in Marathon, FL I decided to teach five days in a row. I can't teach without bodies and they showed up! This picture below is from a donation-based class I organized. Another great reason for teaching - giving back to others.
My studio
Students in Savasana
8) Running long distances: I've been a runner most of my life, at least since 7th grade when I started running cross country. Running is meditation. I find no shame in paying to run in grueling 24-hour relay races, high elevation trail runs or hot summer 10ks. Pushing my limits through running makes me happy and accomplished. My favorite shoe brand is Brooks. Their motto: Run Happy. What a coincidence!

9) Discovering a new IPA: I consider this exercising the tastebuds and visiting new breweries is a hobby of mine!
Tasted the Jollie Ollie IPA - great breweries popping up nationwide (St. Pete's)!
IPA on the right
10) Seeing new places: I have been blessed to visit many countries and states in my young life. I studied abroad in Roma, Italy and enjoy taking road trips. The views that Colorado offers never gets old. Although we haven't sailed internationally, I've seen some pretty cool and new places along our journey. Any new experience is one for the books!
Denali Brewery
FL Keys
Daytona Beach

Belhaven, NC
Portsmith, VA
Lady Liberty State Park, NYC
Boston, MA Freedom Trail
Halifax, NS
Halifax, NS
Shelburne, NS
Summer trip to AK


  1. Again, beautifully written, I love your appreciation to life favorite is #4 & #5, but of course, I can appreciate the others! xoxo mama

  2. ok!!! that was "tissue worthy"!!...the picture that took me over the edge was "family hands in the air"!!! .. and the words "waking up next to my husband"...It was wonderful this past week to be embraced by the hugs you give and the peace/calm you bring. Your writing has taken us all on a journey....a way to remind us how to appreciate "the now".....Much Love and Hugs..xoxo Aunt Bev :-)

  3. I love my sister - she says it like it is!! with love and affection.....xoxo mama