Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gill Customer Service

I was hopeful that once I put in the request, I'd get what I asked for: great customer service including a new pair of sailing gloves!

My Gill sailing gloves have brought us thousands of miles through saltwater, sun and frigid temperatures. These Champion gloves are great because the thumb and index fingers are exposed for optimal dexterity, to undo knots, make knots or control the chartplotter on the iPad. However, my gloves have been ripped to shreds over the past 10 months. They are practically non-functional to pull lines without chafing my skin. They just don't make them like they used to!

Nate's gloves are 8 YEARS old and still going strong. Mine are 10 MONTHS old and need to be respectfully buried in a sailing glove graveyard. Whoever designed this particular glove put the materials in the wrong places and/or doesn't sail much...

Thanks Gill for your friendly and prompt customer service and understanding! Within 3 days of contacting customer support, I have a new pair of gloves headed my way. Sweet!

Split down the side of the index finger
Lots of holes!
Lots of shredding!
Poor gloves
Nate's 8 year-old gloves
Well used but not abused

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  1. Wow, his gloves are still hanging in there? Hope miine last half that long. Sounds like you two are getting a lot of sailing in anyway and that is always good.