Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boredom and Excitement

I found a neat boat! Since I live in Denver right now, looking at a boat requires a flight, which adds an epic amount of pain-in-the-ass to the process. Obviously I’d like to think this is the one, but I’m not quite that na├»ve (probably pretty close though!). If I’m going to fly somewhere to look at boats, I’ll set up several boats to investigate. I need all the help and experience I can get. Hopefully I always say that.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

During the weekdays, I sit in a cubicle. I am a sustainability manager for buildings, which is awesome and I love the skills and the effects, but my new job doesn’t involve much of that work. I feel a little bit deceived, and I’m not very dedicated to the job at the moment. I also think I didn’t set my salary high enough when starting the job, which is completely my fault. I’m just not sure how to fix it after the fact. Also, the guy who hired me quit 3 weeks after I started. Really. He put in his 2 week notice 5 days after my start date. So I’ve floundered for a bit. Especially so because I’m not using any of my skills. I think I could have done this job right out of high school.

So I have a job I’m not well suited for, that I feel underpaid for, and just found a boat in my price range that, while not everything I want, is pretty close. I’m having a hard time concentrating on my job, you might imagine.

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