Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I've got a bit of a challenge on my hands. I want to make the world more better (and less worse), but the state of modern western society is such that I have developed a really urgent need to escape. Since I earlier spent 8 months living on a transient sailboat (and several months before that working full time on maintenance/upgrades for that boat) I have loved the lifestyle, the challenges, and the freedom.

I believe it is possible to live a Mustachian life, while still having a good time. In fact, I know it is, since the internet is lousy with stories of those who have done it already. So none of us get to be first any more, but at least there is plenty of proof that such a life is possible.

I propose to live on a sailboat, work with my hands, and answer only to nature.

Sterling Hayden says it well. Mark Twain said it well too, even if he didn't.

I see leaving 99% of my possessions and everyone I know as an opportunity, not a tribulation.

Leaving the world and sailing anywhere you wanted was at one time an escape from western society, now it seems that many in my generation (with some notable exceptions) don't have the imagination to do so. We've been infected with a worship of bling, and how the iPhone 5S is VASTLY superior to the iPhone 4S, and how can you NOT have cable tv?

I believe in the ability of money to make life better. Money (and, obviously, the things it buys) are not the point! Re-read Mustache.

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