Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sometimes I smell myself

The later into April we go, the hotter the temps and stiller the air becomes. This is our year without winter, without snow scrapers, without numb fingertips. Barely any clothing at all.

Our skin is brown, arm hair blonde like when we were kids. Sweat constantly beads on my chin and mustache. After a long day in the sun and a cool shower, I rub coconut oil into my skin to seal in Vitamin D. Sometimes I smell myself :)

We make friends easily here is Boot Key. We help out fellow cruisers at the drop of a hat. We seek out the best happy hours in town. We learn new crafts. We make plans to visit other cruisers' boats. To hear their stories. To share tales.

We take salt water rinses right from the boat when our skin is soaked in sunscreen. We swim to our friend's boat to chat about upcoming plans. We try to use the stove as little as possible. I sip my morning coffee in the cockpit as slowly as possible.

We pause for sunsets. We easily find time to read books. We never tire of seeing dolphins swimming through the harbor. The days are going by so quickly.

Here are some photos of our last week. It's a bit packed with info so take a pause...We've had some fun!
Dinner with my new friend, The Boat Galley!

Dinghy parking
Driving to the Dockside Bar
Dinner with our 2006 Bahamas friends, Mendocino Queen 
We took a land-based trip north to Tavernier and Islamorada to explore the local scene. The bus system in the Keys is fairly easy to use, but exact change is a must. It's $2.65pp each way. Once in Tavernier, we walked three miles to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. It shows as one woman's passion for birds has turned into a safe harbor for rehabilitating wildlife. I highly recommend visiting if ever in the Keys. $5 donations are requested. Three sweltering miles back to the bus stop, a refreshing beer was in order. But before that, the bus had to break down as we awaited a rescue bus to take us southward. In Islamorada we visited the Islamorada Brewery & Tasting Room. From way up north in the Alaskan breweries to the Florida Keys, I've done my due diligence to visit as many tasting rooms as possible. It's the best way to get a taste of the local scene. And I heart beer! 

We polished off our day excursion with happy hour dinner and drinks, live music and another lovely sunset at Lorelei Cabana Bar & Restaurant. On our way back to Marathon, we witnessed the south-bound bus speed by us as we were casually walking to the bus stop. OOPS! The next bus would arrive 2 hours later...we thumbed it for about 1 hour and miraculously, a friendly local pulled over and drove us 35 miles south back to Marathon. We jammed to Fleetwood Mac the entire ride. Thanks again, Joe! My first hitchhiking experience was a complete success!
A wonderful donation-based rehabilitation center

A Peli-can't
A Peli-can
So happy to see this refreshing local establishment!
4 beers offered - all great summer sipping beers
Islamorada, FL
Welcome to Lorelei Cabana Bar & Restaurant!

Some other fun activities we've accomplished during our time in Marathon:
Hookah Snorkeling (aka SNUBA) at Sombrero Reef with friends on C-Soul:

And a HUGE thank you to Sunny who made new slipcovers for Aletheia's settee cushions. I picked out this fabric, took measurements and photos and gave Sunny the material. My wonderfully talented mother-in-law did an AMAZING job! What a difference a little color makes too!
Bright fabric ready to assemble
Old dull settee slipcovers
Getting excited to see how they fit
A beautiful fit!

I should have done this many moons ago! So pretty to see her rails shine! Who knew that Brasso & Flitz would be my new favorite cleaning brands!
Stanchion before
Stanchion after! 
Bow rail before
Bow rail after!
Love to all,
Jenn & Nate


  1. Sounds like lots of fun and a great education on BEER - you didn't learn that at CU!! Guess that was not part of the engineering or marketing programs. The covers look beautiful and the boat looks so neat and tidy. Great rail cleaning, if I have any silver, I let you take care of that....must be in need of a manicure by now!! xoxo mama

  2. Those sure are shiny stanchions. I just glanced at ours and had to turn my head quickly because the look so bad. We're going to have to get some of that magic cleaning stuff too. Looks like you guys are having a great time!

  3. A new "outfit" and "mani" for a boat works too!....
    making it all Shiny & New!!!!.......Sounds like you are enjoying the sun and fun even with the heat and work...Land or sea a home needs tending to....always something to fix or "decorate".....See you in a few weeks....xoxoxo Aunt Bev :-)

  4. Blistering barnacles, nice polish! And yep shout out to my mum, the settee covers look great. You sound like you're enjoying the life (more) Jenn, it's neat to see that slight difference in your prose voice.

  5. Great slip covers...a pretty special Mom! I note a lot of nasty "stainless" on Heretic too. I'll get to it someday! It sounds nice down there; glad you're having fun. All the best, Dana

  6. Spending winter in a warm climate is a dream of mine. I would love not having to shovel the snow. I would take advantage of all of the warm weather activities available. I would spend as much time outdoors as possible, like I do in the summertime. The warm air would help keep me healthier too. I think the cold winter temperatures make it hard for me to be free of a constant cold. I love warm weather!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks