Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Alaskan Breweries Are Proud

"Someplace warm, where the beer flows like wine".  -Lloyd Christmas (Dumb & Dumber)

Ok, so we're not in a "little place called Aspen", but it's just as beautiful! We come from the land of craft beers, one popping up almost weekly. Breweries in Denver are the new Starbucks, except much tastier. We enjoy flavorful, high quality local beer as well as the individual ambiance and flare of each brewery. Each one is unique in their own right and it's fun to see how each brewery brands themselves with logo'ed t-shirts, koozies, stickers and even with funky beer names. We thought it would be fun to check out the local brew pubs around Alaska. We love and appreciate experimenting with a bit of the local flare:

King Street Brewing Company (Anchorage, AK)
What else do you do on a rainy day with nothing but time? Check out a local brewery to indulge in a Black IPA (1/2 Stout, 1/2 IPA) and the King Street Amber. Prices are $3.75/pint as of this writing. We got a quickie tour of the brewery which has only been in existence for a little over a year. They open at 3PM and have a simple tasting room to enjoy tasters and pints at a very reasonable price. Free WiFi and popcorn makes the world go round at this place! 
Chalkboard at KSBC

Denali Brewing Company (Talkeetna, AK)
On our way into Denali National Park, we swung by this little gem for a stretch and a pint. Prices range from $5/pint. I enjoyed a Twister Creek IPA while Nate savored a Mother Ale. The tasting room is quaint with outdoor tables and chairs to enjoy the peacefulness of beer sipping under blue skies. The Denali Brewpub Restaurant, about 10 miles North of the tasting room, sits among fresh spruce and crisp air in downtown Talkeetna where we stopped for lunch and a second round of beer tasting. Can you blame us?! Downtown was bumpin' with Princess Cruisers, and seems this time of year is the only time of year to bring in tourism dollars to boost the local economy. I don't think much happens outside of the 2 or 3 months of summer so I feel lucky to have been here on a beautiful day. 

Outside Denali Brewing Company
Arkose Brewery (Palmer, AK)
After Googling the nearest brewery on our way South from Denali complete with an entire day of rain, we came across this small and quiet brewery. Nestled in an industrial park, the location wasn't ideal, but the beer was flavorful. We each tasted a rich High Ridge Double Red. Too bad I wasn't able to swindle this beer into my purse-Yummo! A small brewery with not much seating room, we drank our beer in solitude and continued our way south into Anchorage.
Almost done - perfection in a glass!
Bear Tooth Theatrepub (Anchorage, AK)
After a quick stop at the Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking shop, we settled here for dinner on our way home from a 750 mile roadtrip to Denali. I indulged in a Bear Tooth Ale. If a Brown Ale and an IPA had a baby, this is it! It was delicious so I had 2! The restaurant has a threatre attached that shows second run movies. Currently, the theatre is streaming the FIFA World Cup which seems like a fantastic idea to bring people together for the World's Game!

Midnight Sun Brewing Company (Anchorage, AK) 
After a 7 mile run along part of the Turnagain Arm through Potter Station, we deservingly made our way to the industrial brewery for dinner and beers. Dedicated to the Alaskan nickname, Home of the Midnight Sunreminds me fondly of Denver's Vine Street Pub, our local hangout which makes delicious beers and markets themselves as a local, hippie, all-natural establishment where employees share in the roles as waitress, bartender, bus boy, hostess and possibly brewer. I sipped the Pleasure Town IPA and decided to bring a few bombers back with us of delicious treats. Mom - you'll love what I picked out for you! I could call Midnight Sun a trusted place to meet co-workers or good friends after a long week at work. Really yummy food, although not enough deck space. Alaskan breweries (not bars) are legally allowed to serve up to 36 oz. per customer so select your pints wisely!

Homer Brewing Company (Homer, AK)

After watching the Germany-Brazil semi-final game, we decided to soak our sorrows in local brew. Supporting the local businesses, we biked to this lovely space overlooking Beluga Lake, where seaplanes commute. Beers range from $5-6. I savored a China Poot Porter while Nate tantalized his tastebuds with a Black Abbey. I almost won at a game of Dominos, however, my opponent was fierce! This was a great little hangout and conveniently located in central Homer, just minutes from the Homer Spit.

Checking out breweries is a great way to indulge in the local scene, meet new people and feel at home. Along our journey, we look forward to exploring local breweries and sharing our favorite beers with you!

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