Monday, May 19, 2014


Boat name or inspiration? As a yogi over the past 12 years, there is always this notion to "live in the moment"; "to be fully present on your mat"; "find opportunities to grow".  Avasara (Hindi) has many translations, and in this instance, Avasara translates into: opportunity, moment.

I believe yoga and sailing have much in common in terms of living for the now, being present with what is happening at the very moment it happens or being ready for what is to come, and there is always an opportunity that presents itself if you just let it be.

Nate and I have begun to create Avasara, this opportunity brewed up of dreams, aspirations, fears and life goals. We've taken serious steps to become what we believe is freedom, destiny, living for today, opportunities to grow and to thrive outside the norm in a safe, supportive environment.

Here is a testament to this effect, an inspirational documentary about a dreamer and a doer: Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Boat 

Our dreams have started to unfold, our summer will be busy with travel, organizing, selling some possessions and finally downsizing to a 36' floating casa, balanced on soft water and loved by her owners. Part of all this doesn't feel quite real b/c most dreams never make it to reality. I'll admit, this was never a dream of mine to live in a cramped space with less of what I possess, too far from family and friends, but being with someone who dreams of living with an abundance of nature, culture and creating experiences and knowing that sailing is the best way to share this lifestyle, makes a world of difference. I also give credit to the MANY inspiring women whom I've only read through books and blogs, that have faced these similar challenges, letting go of possessions they think they cannot live without, and bravely embracing avasara, the opportunity, to live for today b/c "someday" dreams may never come. 

Sailing is just a metaphor for making dreams a reality. Whatever your metaphor is, make your someday dream a reality. Avasara is a reminder to live in the moment, find opportunities to live out your dream whether it be traveling, photography, knitting, having a baby, completing a marathon, etc.

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