Saturday, May 31, 2014

Moore Better Adventures

Below is the email we sent to our friends and family about the purchase of our first sailboat! I enjoyed writing it and it seems it was well received. 

Our adventures begin with announcing the purchase of our new home, a sailboat! Yes, I said that correctly, a sailboat!
We will be proud owners of a 36 foot Allied Princess bluewater hull, built in 1978 and newly re-rigged in 2012 as a junk rig schooner. We don't currently have a glamour shot of our boat, but we will in due time! She is lovely and has beautiful character and lines throughout. 

The current owner, a 6'2" sailor, has bestowed valuable time and professional effort to make her safe, simple and strong and he is grateful that she has found her way to us to care for her! Her name is "Alethia" (Greek for Truth). We will likely rename her once we get underway, but these things cannot be rushed. We may even take a poll for boat names. In the meantime, feel free to learn about a boat naming ceremony here.

As we being our adventure in Halifax, Nova Scotia in mid-August, we will capture our experiences, whereabouts, inspirations and curiosities with a personal blog. You are welcome to leave comments and follow along as we embark on this exciting lifestyle.
Our choice to make this dream a reality hasn't been smooth sailing all along. Our decision has developed over time with discussions, creative brainstorming, sleepless nights, curiosity of how to cook a meal in such a small space, and finally coming to the realization that life is short and should not be taken too seriously. We're embracing our destiny by living simply, with less, within nature, to consider different choices and outcomes, to grow our family, and to view the world with an adventurous spirit intact.

This decision wouldn't be possible without your support, encouragement and excitement abound so thank you! You are part of our adventure.
Much Love,

Nathan & Jennifer

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  1. This makes me so happy I could puke! I can't wait to read all about your continued adventures and with luck, join you on one of them someday!