Monday, May 19, 2014

Game on!

We signed a contract!

Her name is Aletheia. We'll drive from Denver to Halifax, NS in late July/early August, 2014, to the boat! The current owners' blog is down at the moment, so you'll have to wait to get more history of the boat. This boat is a middle ground between Pestilence and Zero to Cruising. Some nice creature comforts, a stout boat, plenty of communication and navigation electronics, but no air conditioning, no built-in fridge, no electric winches or windlass, no diesel engine.

Sailing a junk-rigged schooner
Aletheia at anchor - my first view of her
We will likely change the name, and have several good contenders for names lined up. Anyone have any suggestions? We will, of course, have a ceremony such as the John Vigor ritual and voodoo for changing the name. Wouldn't dream of doing without. Miss a chance for good champagne?

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