Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Training mission

As a way of training myself I am helping deliver a catamaran from North Carolina to the Chesapeake Bay. My friend needed help moving his new boat north out of the hurricane zone, and I have time available. I am writing this on the plane from Denver, which is an experience in itself. The extra practice sailing, navigating, and living on a boat will be a good reminder for me of what it is like. We will be taking our boat down a similar path this fall, going southward.

I was surprised during my sail on Aletheia how awkward I felt. Fortunately a single day's sail, and a night spent aboard, started to wake up those muscle memories. A week or two sailing on the east coast will be good for me.

Admittedly, this catamaran is much fancier than our boat, but that's his choice. Experience is good! Practice makes better.

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