Saturday, September 6, 2014

Boy's version

Pictures from my perspective. Some are a little out of order, I'm not a Blogger expert apparently.

Jenn reading what Beth has to say in The Voyager's Handbook
I ain't too smaht, I'm just a truck drivah.
A hacksaw and an old bracket saved me $30
Finished version of the bracket, holding our radio in place
Peeking and cleaning

Breakfast, day of departing Halifax!

Uhhhh, yup

Panorama of Purcell's Cove at dawn.

Leaving Halifax! The waves hadn't beaten us up yet...

Ketch Harbor (Harbour, since we're in Canada), after pounding into the waves for a while. This was a very welcome dinner.

Ketch Harbor Monday, our first morning out of Halifax!

Sailing Thursday, covering ground!

Arriving in Lunenburg Friday evening

Driving into Lunenburg the moon was clear, and so bright Jenn said it looked switched on.


  1. Well wishes on your way down NS. Great photos from you both.

  2. Good to see you guys making headway and the pictures of the sailing getups.