Monday, September 8, 2014

Shelburne, NS

24 hours overnight; our first overnight sail in the brightest moon I've seen in a long, long time! We left Lunenburg Sunday morning with favorable winds throughout most of the day. Since we had friendly winds, we decided to ride the wave and continue into sunset and wake up to sunrise in a new place, Shelburne, NS! Nate and I took 3-hour shifts in the cockpit while the other slept. Night watch duties include: monitoring the chart and surrounding navigation lights, nearby vessels, speed, compass heading and the random ideas and thoughts that enter your mind with each passing foamy wave. Sailing at night is a whole different experience. It was beautiful and cold!

We tacked through Shelburne Harbour and landed on the dock around 12:45PM this afternoon. Nate did an amazing job maneuvering the boat to dockside while I prepped and tied up fenders and dock lines. A beautiful approach indeed! This quaint little town is full of charm, community, a place to buy postcards (Abagail - there's one in the mail!) and delicious ice cream that we rewarded ourselves with upon docking like champs. That may be a once-in-a-lifetime docking experience and worth every calorie.

Our plan is to take the favorable North-Northeast winds tonight and sail south towards Cape Sable and Northwest towards Acadia National Park, ME. We'll watch the currents and sail across the Gulf of Maine over the next couple days. No need to clear out of Canada, but checking back into the US is a bit trickier. For any sailors who come across this and plan to sail this route, take this into consideration: We call US Customs in Hamden, ME (207.532.2131) two hours prior to our arrival (we'll likely call once we get cell service in Maine). A Customs agent will drives 2 hours from Bangor (how nice!) and clear our boat. Before that time we must not leave the boat or have guests aboard - we will be under quarantine. We plan to clear customs in Southwest Harbor, ME (Other clearance locations include: Northeast Harbor, Bar Harbor and Rockland, ME). From there, we'll sail up to Blue Hill, ME, our first official US destination. We'll take our next journey in small doses and enjoy the time we have together on the water and get back to the states! Until then here are some pics which include a cameo of us sailing this morning. Thanks to s/v Solitude for taking the time to capture our boat in action!

Lunenburg brick wall - I love when a town creates art on their buildings
Stretching the legs, a walk in a Lunenburg park

Cockpit selfie (with my homemade hat)
Looking aft after our overnight sail
Approach into Shelburne, NS

s/v Aletheia
Love to all!
Jenn & Nate


  1. Overnight watches with the full moon are the best!

  2. Hi Guys.....I just LOVE reading your's a wonderful "book" in the making!! Jenn you are very good at poetry!!!!!!!!!! Not only are you two adventuresome..., but I think very Brave doing what you are doing...Acadia Nat'l Park is lovely! It's where the sun first rises over the continental US. I've been there to see it, actually from Bar Harbor...a lovely place with fond memories! Thanks too for the super pictures!!!!! You two are a great team....looking forward to the next chapter....Love Aunt Bev

  3. Enjoying every experience you are having....Aletheia looks beautiful, love her sails and I am sure those on the water do also. Have a super time in Maine, I know Sunny can hardly wait to see you, much love to all, mama

  4. Yey! Say hi to Maine for me :) your boat is beautiful!