Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Fall!

It's officially Fall in Blue Hill, ME as the leaves begin to change and the small town starts to shut down for winter. It's raining on & off today as we sit on our mooring ball for our last day in Blue Hill at the Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club (KYC) before heading south towards Boston, MA. I'm cooking cornbread at the moment which fills the saloon with a sweet aroma. We also made homemade ketchup - I'll share this easy ketchup recipe as well as the Aletheia Salad in my next post! Today we are scrubbing grasses off the bottom, measuring cushions for new slip covers, practicing our docking skills, and restringing the foresail grommets to the boom - all good stuff for a Sunday afternoon!

Saturday night we attended a packed house at the local Congregational Church to celebrate, through musical talents, the minister who is retiring from the congregation after 28 years of service. It was a great concert full of local and varied talent, included the minster and his wife singing wonderful folk songs! One solo guitarist, particularly, sang a song about the “Last Day of Summer” when the small town shuts down for the frigid winter months, furniture covered up by worn white sheets, curtains cover the windows and residents wonder how the summers seem to pass by quicker each year until the spring thaw comes to dry this beautiful space. Mesmerized by these words, it reminded me about our time to head south is approaching, as we roll with the temperatures like migrating birds, following the warmth. I think fall surprised people this year and came quicker then expected. Anyone else notice the leaves changed overnight?!

Wyatt got fleas earlier this week so we've been trying to conquer those little buggers with medication, household cleaner, baths and cleaning the boat at all times! We hope they go away soon, because they are not welcome on this boat!

We continue to have a lovely visit with extended family these final days in Blue Hill. Ingleside is closing up for the winter as are other summer homes along the coast. We will sell our Honda Civic this afternoon to a local teacher – woohoo! We used Craigslist and overnight we had someone looking at the car and decided to purchase! This means we can leave on departure day, Monday, Sept 22. How is it late September already?! 

We plan to take a day sail to Merchant Row, about 30 miles southwest from Blue Hill. Our buddy boat, Heretic, owned by Dana and Gigi (father and mother of the bride) will also be there so we look forward to anchoring with them. It would be wonderful to sail with them too, but they sail more efficiently than Aletheia, but we're ok with that!

Here are some photos to share, including our anticipated portable fridge/freezer - a Whynter Portable Freezer - oh the milk, cheese and cold beer we take for granted!

Wet dog outside Ingleside porch
Another shot of the wedding car - so cool!
Ceremony Site at high tide
Our fridge with Long Trail beers!
Nice and snug next to the stove
Nothing like fresh, non-refrigerated eggs (Thanks Sunny & Nat!)
Daysail on Heretic - light winds
Nate built us our first fire in "The Hobbit" - it was COLD outside!
Dolly Fisher Benefit Concert at the Congo Church - great talent in this town!
Nate decorated my breakfast plate with peaches
Love to all!
Nate & Jenn


  1. My calendar say the first day of Autumn is Sept. 23! Yikes! ! Summer as always seems to pass quickly....some trees here have dropped almost all their leaves!!! Hoist the anchor, you may need to sail waaaaay south to get warm!!! Travel safe.....Happy sails to you....Love Aunt Bev

  2. Sounds like a sad post...everyone really loves those summer months unless you live in Colorado - The slopes are getting ready to blow that white stuff. Been chilly today as well as the Broncos - great game to watch but the outcome was dim, glad you don't have TV. Everyone is saying, "I did not know you are going to Boston?" -- Gee, I have no ticket or winds.... Didn't know Wyatt ever had fleas....yuk!! Nate makes such a lovely breakfast, gee, I sure do miss them....I will cherish the memories,thank you. Love to extended family and all of you safe sailing....xoxo mama