Saturday, July 19, 2014

Double Hugs

As our lives become simpler in quantity, our hearts feel weighted as we prepare for our departure and spend time with family and friends while finding extra hours in the day to transition our lives for 200 sq. ft of living space. We've been having a wonderful, quite busy, and bittersweet time after arriving home from Alaska. For the last two weeks we have been indulging in food, drinks, tears of joy (and sadness), extra long hugs and laughter with humbling friends and family.

Upon our return Mom hosted an amazing and "Sail Away" Party. Sailboat balloons, festive decor, tuna and roasted red peppers in the shape of a livesaver, a watermelon fruit boat complimented with a red mainsail, clam chowder, salmon patties, "quicksand" hummus, fish sticks (yum!) and chocolate pretzel rods finished off with a fishing line & bobber, no details were spared! With the help of Lyndsi and Aunt Bev, our party was beyond our expectations and to say thank you would never be enough. Friends and family made it so very special to celebrate - we took it all in as we surveyed the love and support that surrounds us - we are so very lucky! This experience has already turned me into somewhere of a practical cruiser as I cried opening a 60-pack of rags (multiple beers were consumed in the making of this emotion, but nonetheless, rags - what a thoughtful gift!) 

Where does she find these things?!

For the record we have the most generous friends that truly make us feel loved and assure us there is always a spot at their dinner table when we return. A dinner party for 8 and a birthday celebration was a must! Our traditional Thursday night trivia turned into a reunion of sorts where friends stopped by to bid us so long. A short-lived adult sleepover tradition with Cory and Jess was a necessity. Our theme this month: Captain Ron and Mojitos!

Jazz in the Park, last minute happy hours and family dinners with mom will polish off our last week here in our landlocked state before heading East to our boat. While all these faces I will miss, we each have our own adventure to live and in return, we get to share new stories, live with greater compassion, find new opportunities, and become moore better people in the making! 

For today,

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