Monday, July 21, 2014


We are closing up our land life, and getting ready for a water life. I just made deals to sell our fancy Subaru, need to sell my motorcycle still, and my fancy mountain bike.
Fancy mountain bike
Jenn can't let go of her mountain bike, so it is waiting for us to return and/or visit back in Colorado. My road bike is sold, her road bike is given to her sister.  Our road bikes weren't valuable like the mountain bikes, just cheap bikes for getting around town and occasional real rides.

My bag of hockey pads is under there too
This is the pile of my clothes that are going to Goodwill. I guess most of it is going back to Goodwill, since that's where I buy most of my clothes anyway. I can always buy more at another Goodwill or Salvation Army when I need something new. It feels good to purge the wardrobe, make space for something new. And, of course, not spending lots of money on clothes makes me really happy. And that's how this whole thing works, of course. We needed to not spend money for some time to be able to afford this, and we need to continue not spending money to be able to sustain it. What a great feeling it is to not spend money. I love the self sufficiency.

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