Saturday, July 26, 2014


As Jake predicted, we didn't leave today. Sigh.... The best laid plans yadda yadda. You all knew it, Jake just said it to my face. :)

We just got the title to our Subaru in the mail this afternoon, and my motorcycle sold this morning. I have some interest in my mt bike, I really just need to accept that it is worth less than I think it is. Nobody else has all the memories of riding with Rupp, Carew, and Jake like I do. You guys make Colorado home for me.
Biking with my dad near Durango when my bike was new. I wheezed the whole way up the hill, and he kicked my ass.
Also, I support Oxford commas. And I support Weird Al's new videos. Especially the Word Crimes one. I'm a grammar nazi, and I'm not even in the closet about it. (I'm not alone. My brother had to remind me - with appropriate heckling - that I meant "commas" above, not "comma's." Argh!)

So the boxes are packed to be shipped to my dad's house in Vermont, the car is half packed with tools for working on the boat, and my clothes are in the Black Hole (I love Patagucci, that old thing is still kicking! My dad gave me that bag after he'd used it, so I got it used in 2003 for our motorcycle trip) ready to go in the back seat with the varmint.

Jenn has been consulting with the Book Face (Women Who Sail seems like an awesome group!) about what she should bring, and I'm happy to hear that they tell her to take less than she started with. I'm really glad we sold our condo last fall, and started downsizing then. We have so much crap! Having to fit everything into a Honda Civic is a good start to living small.

So, we originally intended to leave last Wednesday, then Saturday, and now I'm really hopeful we can get out of here Sunday morning. Maybe.

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  1. Haha - Jake appreciates your admission he was right.

    Travel safe and have fun!!!

    If you need something to listen to on the road, Grammar Girl was not happy about Weird Al's Word Crimes video