Friday, October 10, 2014


I've learned in the last couple months that you typically have a desired destination that you'd like to reach, but occasionally you don't end up reaching due to weather or other unpredictable situations. So, we always state that we are headed towards a particular destination. However, in this case, we did make our desired port - Gloucester, MA (harbor off Cape Ann).

We had a great stay in Gloucester and Boston with visits from Nate's family, visiting family and being a tourist in the city. Below are some highlights and pictures from our Boston (aka BeanTown) visit:
  • Sunny & Nat came to visit for the day bringing Hobbit wood, a new corian countertop, sewing supplies and a fitted sheet for our trapezoid bed
  • We walked around Gloucester (pronounced by the locals as "Glosta") on a beautiful fall day to visit the Fisherman's Memorial: a permanent memorial to honor the 5,300 fishermen lost at sea within the first 3 centuries of the town's history.
  • We took the T into Boston to have dinner with newlyweds, Doug & Elissa - it was really nice to spend time with them in a relaxed environment because weddings are not conducive to spending time with the bride & groom!
  • We toured the Freedom Trail, Boston Aquarium and wandered Harvard with Nate's dad - it was wonderful to be a tourist, I have to say!
  • We had a great overnight visit in Cambridge with Nate's dad and new friends that we met in Homer, AK this past summer.
It's rather exciting to visit a new place via sailboat, look for new things to do and determine how to get somewhere (on foot or train) to explore the area. It's like we've earned our stripes and able to greatly enjoy the destination until we decide to move towards another place just as interesting as winds and temperatures dictate.

Here are some pictures from our time spent in the Boston area, including our improved galley!
Our completed galley - let us cook you dinner sometime!

Wyatt alleviating his sailboat legs
Bright red church door caught my attention
Fisherman's Memorial
Tea with Bears in Gloucester
We think it's an after-school sailing lesson in our anchorage
Big commuter rail into Boston

Morning run in Gloucester
Post-run breakfast on Aletheia
Hanging out in Boston Commons
Starting the Freedom Trail

with Peter & Carol - thanks for the hospitality!
Signs of a great dinner party 
Harvard campus - chess anyone?
Pretty day in Boston
Boston Aquarium
Love to all,
Nate & Jenn

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