Thursday, October 16, 2014

Freshwater rinse today!

After our 70NM sail into Port Washington/Manhasset Bay, New York late last night, we threw on our bathing suits and stood in the rainstorm that fell on us this morning. What a glorious feeling, cold, but glorious, to rinse the last week of saltwater from our bodies. Aletheia enjoyed it too!

We're sitting on the hook enjoying the sounds of the city and coming down from being on the boat for the last six days straight. We left Provincetown on Sat, 10/11 for an interesting overnight sail through the Cape Cod Canal current (more on that tomorrow!), stopped overnight in Block Island, RI, and took a couple days to get down Long Island Sound, also with its own set of currents! We found some nice anchorages along the way and didn't make any overnight sails this leg of the trip. 

We've already met some great people along our adventure and a few sailing couples that are making a similar route south that we continue to reunite with at random anchorages. The sailing community seems very intimate when you start to meet up with the same sailors in the same waters in the same anchorages; it's very cool! One soon-to-be retired couple whom we meet in Block Island told us of their plans to "sail off into the sunset" upon retirement next year. They stopped by Aletheia after meeting us on land and gifted us with a bottle of white wine to wish us well on our travels. Maybe we helped inspire them a bit!

We finally met another junk rig couple and plan to have a sundowner (happy hour drink, whatever you prefer to call it) with them this evening.

We plan to visit friends in Manhattan, Battery Park, etc over the course of the next 5-7 days. We will also be looking into an additional engine solution while here.

Love to all,
Jenn & Nate

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  1. Sounds like you are ready for an exciting time in NYC - don't know about resting but it sure a great time to be there..sure hope you get to see all your friends. Glad you had a safe journey and will continue to do so. Talk soon.....xoxo mama