Friday, October 10, 2014


We got this gift upon arriving into Cape Cod Bay including a 5kt wind to push us into our dark anchorage.
Sunset on it's way to Colorado!
How did we get so lucky to have such great connections?! We stayed in a lovely seaside condo last night; I made a sausage-Italian parsley pasta dinner not long before crawling into bed for a superb night's sleep. Peter and I went on a 5 mile run (yahoo!) this morning around the quaint town as the streets were beginning to stir.

P-town is a charming little town that can mesmerize tourists into buying a summer cottage. Art galleries, hat, soap and homemade ice cream shops line the main strip. The town reminds me of a book I'm reading, Cocaine Nights (J.G Ballard), a murder mystery novel set in Gibraltar where the streets transform when the sun goes down in a dystopian-like community. Where art and tourism has taken over the fishing industry. Where people's wild side shines under bar lights. Locals awake in the morning from their drug-induced comas to work out. Where people live behind sunglasses and sunscreen. And where people retire to hide their true identity. P-town is as close to my imagination as this book gets!

Here are a few pics from Provincetown, MA:

Gloucester to Provincetown crew!
"The Cape" (similar to a superhero's cape) - this windvane is a well-oiled machine!
End to a great sailing day!
View from the condo into Cape Cod Bay
Lunch with the boys!
Love to all,
Nate & Jenn


  1. I continue to enjoy your posts and following your adventure.

  2. You need to do a better job of updating your map. I heard you were making phone calls from Long Island, but no update. Come on, we can't be there but please keep us informed.

    Papa Jim