Monday, October 6, 2014

Upgrades to Aletheia: Galley

Being able to update parts of Aletheia to make her feel like our home is simply wonderful. The first few things we've planned to improve upon include: 1) the galley, 2) master bedroom, 3) BoatWorks, and 4) settee cushions. We decided to start with #1 and update the cabinet netting and countertop, luckily for us, both low cost with little materials to purchase.

Cabinet Netting: took longer than expected and annoying to cut stretchy material.

The cabinet had sliding doors at one point, that I imagine were a PITA to open and likely made noise when rocking, so the former owner removed the doors to add netting. This allows air to circulate and provides easy access to cooking ingredients. Over time, things wear out in the salty, humid air and the netting needed to be replaced. I also removed the metal tracks from the old cabinet doors which nicely exposed more wood which is in great condition. It's like ripping up old carpet and finding hardwood floors beneath - surprise!
Before netting
Old netting
Old netting vs. new netting
Netting Materials
New corian countertop: bright, beautiful and a fine installation by Nate & Nat!

We never had countertops this nice in our condo! What an amazing contribution to our new home. Back in Blue Hill, we had Sunny and Nat aboard and like any talented professional, Nat came with pencil, paper and a tape measure in hand. By the grace of higher powers and the aligning stars, we commissioned a white corian countertop from Nat. Fast forward 3 weeks, they drove from Vermont this past Sunday with a custom fit corian top in tow to replace the main and slightly outdated wooden countertop.

They also resupplied us with Hobbit-sized wood pieces and logs for the wood burning stove, and we mustn't forget the custom fitted sheet for our trapezoid bed (say what?! More about #2 later!).
Boy, it was an incredible pleasure to see them both, although we worked all day to install the countertop. We cannot thank them enough for sharing their woodworking and sewing talents and selflessly giving of their time. I love the amount of additional workspace on our bright, shiny Corian top! We promise next time we have them for a visit it won't involve a messy construction project, but margaritas and warm waters!
Beginning the deconstructing
Cutting out old countertop
Nate holding our new countertop
Pretty new Corian ready to install with storage locker lid (extra workspace!)
Nate applying force
Shiny! Loads more working surface

We also received bottles of lovely dehydrated herbs (urber convenient) from mama. And yes, I consider herbs lovely. These will surely add to our home cooked meals that we miss making with her. Oh, I wish she could have visited us in MA too! After the countertop was successfully and beautifully installed, we did open the bottle of champagne that mom sent along with Sunny to Blue Hill. The four of us sat in the cockpit, against the setting sun and toasted to mama, to our families, to life, to being happy and grateful for our adventure! 

L'chaim Mama!
Under pressure!
Yummy presents - we've been using lottsa herbs & spices

We're enjoying some time ashore today walking about Gloucester with blue skies overhead and sunny, crisp fall air. 

Love to all!
Nate & Jenn

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  1. Ahoy there........Gee your "MooreBetterWorld" just keeps getting better!!!! Counter top looks lovely!!! I remember asking what you would do to keep busy...LOL!!! So much to do!! Love reading your adventures....Happy Sails to you ....Much love Aunt Bev