Friday, August 22, 2014

Boat Break

Today we took some time away from boat stuff and walked around the Halifax Public Gardens and the Halifax Seaport. We took Wyatt along so he would burn some energy.

Special summer treats like this one are on tonight's agenda. Shakespeare By the Sea - The Merchant of Venice. The more popular Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market and the small scale Historic Farmer's Market on Saturday will provide some much-craved produce, fresh bread and cheeses for a possible Saturday day sail as well as some minimal provisioning for our approaching departure/maiden voyage.

We've taken some big steps toward our departure in Halifax. We purchased our Canada and US maps, a VHF radio (we'll install this weekend), cleaned almost every nook & cranny, completed a couple day sails to practice anchoring and mooring, and finally hired a diver who scrubbed and scraped our hull bottom clean of living creatures, grasses, seeds and who-knows-what alien-like lifeforms that have taken a liking to Aletheia's bottom. She moves so nicely now!

Tonight we're hanging out with local friends to kick off the weekend and have been invited to a Saturday night dinner party. Hope you all enjoy your weekend too! Got any plans? Doing something new? 

Views from the Publics Gardens

Retired naval ship
Art Boat built bv Halifax Maritime Volunteers
For today,

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