Monday, August 25, 2014

Requests requested!

It was recently brought to my attention that I don't know what to take pictures of.
Not useful
I'll take pictures of the boat, and the rooms inside, to give a little better sense of where we now live.

Please comment here with requests! Pictures you'd like to see, some piece of the boat explained, some technique explained, why we want something, or don't want something. Some something explained. Somewhere we should go (especially if you're going to visit us there!). Though we're not really inviting guests until New Year's, by then we think we will have figured out all the kinks in the boat and have a plan for what to do with you.

Speaking of which, we're thinking of doing New Years in Key West, anyone want to join us? Or the Bahamas, if you'd rather go there.


  1. I'd suggest pics of typical life on board, as in what you do with free time, differences from land living, and of course new spots in which the dag naps/whuffles/goldens.

  2. I say carry on with the randomness. Highly entertaining