Monday, August 11, 2014

He Peed!

Hi family & friends!

Before I say anything else, Wyatt has peed onboard, on his pee pad nonetheless, and taking the companionway like a champ!! Treats abound!

Apologies for the late blog post. We've been saying how much we'd really like to post to the blog, but getting an internet connection is challenging (at the moment) unless we head ashore, find a coffee shop with strong internet and sit for a couple hours. Oh the conveniences of modern life! So, here we are, on a partly sunny Monday in Halifax, NS sippin on coffee and more importantly, saying hi to you!

Wow! Hard to believe we've only been here 4 days. We left Vermont on August 5th after we verified the arrival of some important package deliveries, and arrived in Halifax on Thursday, August 7. We had eager plans to see Aletheia upon our arrival, but it was late and we were exhausted from the 8 hour trip up from our Blue Hill, ME. Nate has distant cousins who happened to be vacationing at the family's summer home and they graciously opened their doors for our quick stopover on our way to Canada. Blue Hill is a magically wonderful place to visit if you haven't already! ok, so the weather wasn't ideal during this shot, but it was so peaceful watching the rain fall into the ocean from a dry space. 
View from Ingleside porch into Blue Hill Harbor
Wyatt splashing about off the rocky beach
I do have to say, I love Halifax...I could live here too! The community is super friendly and everyone watches out for one another, especially at cross walks! Walkers are more respected than cars around here. We've been to a few local pubs (The Old Triangle Ale House and The Bicycle Thief), and a Saturday Indoor Farmer's Market to name a few. Daniel, the former owner of Aletheia, has been a great a host to us, helping our transition aboard, showing us how the electric engine system works, how the equipment is connected at the navigation station and, more importantly, how accessible everything (hoses, fuse boxes) is on the boat to reach (even in a gymnastics-like way)! During this huge shift in lifestyle, cooking aboard has become very methodical (but still fun); hearing the water lap against the hull rocks us to sleep, and as we learn the ins & outs of our new home, we continue to think of ways to customize our boat to our taste. We've been cleaning, organizing and refitting our lives more than taking pictures, but below are some photos of our first few days onboard. Enjoy!
View from the cockpit (above the blue fabric are the 2 solar panels)
First breakfast aboard - Pancakes w/ yogurt & jam
Approaching Aletheia for the first time!
Our closet (for 2!)

Great little Italian bar with lovely decor!
Wyatt in the companionway!
He's found a favorite spot!
Looking into the cabin
Gotta keep this mug clean!
Today's forecast is looking gray and cloudy, but an afternoon sail may be on our agenda! 

For now,


  1. I especially love the shots of Wyatt's spot on the boat :D

  2. Lovely, lovely Ingleside. I look forward to seeing you there in a month.
    And in the meantime, it's incredibly wonderful to read your blog and see pictures and have the merest glimpse of your adventure-full life.

    Well done, Wyatt!

    love, mum

  3. Hi guys! We met you briefly on your first day aboard, anchored off Hangman's Beach. We had the burgundy C&C (on the mooring) and were so jealous of your adventure! We will follow your blog and follow your route someday soon. Take a look at our blog, there is a pic of you guys rowing ashore. We especially enjoyed watching Wyatt sprint from one end of the beach to the other....not a care in the world! I know you weren't laughing trying to catch up to him....but he was loving it! Puppy Paradise! Have fun!

  4. Hello Uproar! Wow, so great to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out and taking our picture. Hangman's Beach seems like so very long ago! We talk about that day often when Wyatt ran free on the beach! That was a fun day for everyone. Wyatt is doing really well aboard Aletheia and adapts really well to any sailing environment we put in front of him. Look forward to staying in touch and thanks for sharing your blog with us. Beautiful Molly you have!