Monday, August 25, 2014


Coffee before breakfast this morning
We've been doing almost nothing but preparing for our trip since the moment we arrived in Halifax. Which is a shame, because Halifax seems like a pretty cool town. It's bigger than Boulder, smaller than Denver. It's THE major Atlantic port for all of Canada, so there is a lot of container ship traffic. Makes me think of this book. The Boat Break was a really welcome day away from thinking of all the things we need to do.
Jenn scrubbing the stove-top, after years of bachelor pad life
We didn't make the final installation of the new radio, because it apparently doesn't come with a flush-mount bracket, that costs an additional $30 for 2 small pieces of plastic which are sold separately and the store doesn't tell you about. When I found out this morning what they cost I was so incensed I turned them down. $30 to me is worth an hour or 2 of fiddling with some bits of wood and screws that we have for free. Perhaps I can come up with something. If not, then I'll break down and buy the damn bracket.
The old radio coming out
Power wiring for the old radio, so I have a slight chance of putting the new one in correctly
It is kind of strange, having this new perspective on life, where Time is now a nearly infinite resource, and Money is in short supply. The opposite of previous life. I'm working on getting more aggressive with my DIY attitude, but I feel that I'm a pretty conservative guy in general, and especially about construction.
I'm figuring out new fresh water plumbing for additional tanks
We've moved from the very end of the Northwest Arm down to the mouth of it. By knowing a guy who knows a guy, we got ourselves a free mooring ball for a little bit. We are now in Purcell's Cove, which has much cleaner water and is easier to leave from. It's great to not have to motor for at least 30 minutes before we can get anywhere.
Jenn rowing before we moved to Purcell's Cove
We have some final paperwork to take care of with the Coast Guard for the boat sale to be complete, so right now our expected departure is next Monday, Labor Day. After that we'll have to find coffee shops for internet wherever we stop, unlike now where we know where the coffee shops are.

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