Monday, August 18, 2014

Boat Works!

We bought ourselves the family pickup! Although this pickup has no wheels it will be our workhorse that we take on camping trips, haul groceries and other miscellaneous materials to and fro and even to shuttle a dog and guests aboard. The doubled-hulled fiberglass dinghy comes with oars to row. All three of us fit snug down in the hull. It was a great find on Canada's version of Craigslist at

Our initial plan was to build a small tortoise dinghy upon arriving in Nova Scotia. Upon further discussion, we decided we'd rather have a used tender that we can ding up, knock into docks and drive over rocks with no gasps or worry of doing damage to the wood. I think we made an excellent choice!

Once I gather some paint and space on even land, we'll give the dinghy a proper name..."BoatWorks". This word has significant meaning from my childhood. Every time my dad would see a boat passing by on the water or on a trailer, a mere thought about boats or working on his own boat, he would shout out "Boat Works"! Just a funny, quirky thing about my dad's humorous character. Since this dinghy will be our workhorse, this name only seems fitting for our family pickup, and in some little way, we can honor my dad's love for boats and carry him with us while he watches over us from his sea in the sky.

towing BoatWorks seaward
Today's agenda: fill a fiberglass propane tank, provision (grocery) trip to Costco, hire a diver to scrub Aletheia's belly clean of sealife (seaweed, barnacles, little seeds of some kind, etc), purchase Canadian/US digital charts, continue to praise Wyatt for going potty on his grass.

Today's weather: partly sunny, rain, possible thunderstorms this afternoon. It's a cleaning day on Aletheia.

For now,


  1. What a nice tribute to your Dad. :) Love the updates - thank you for posting!

  2. Sounds idyllic!! Love the pick up name- you must christen it with a Manhattan- let us know when and we shall join you- only miles apart! Thanks for the pics and the posts! Karen D.