Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Name that thingamajigger

Clue: Involves a daily necessity
We continue to fiddle, poke and troubleshoot parts on Aletheia that we want to make functional prior to leaving our current mooring in Purcell's Cove, NS. 

We had a great dinner party on Saturday evening with our new friends Kirstan and Tobin and other guests at Tobin's house. Oh the lovely cake, strawberry rhubarb and ice cream!! After I told one of Tobin's friend about our new adventure, he toasted me "To Courage". I could see the wheels turning in his head, thinking how we are going to make this work, how we even got to this moment, and what is to come. I could also see the light is his eyes of what a journey it could be!

We have a towel that once hung from our front door that now hangs from our bookshelf. In bright red and gold colors, it tells us to "Take Courage". Nate took possession of this towel in college, after his Grandmother's passing, but never knew its meaning, only that his Grandmother had savored it for most of her life. Who knows how she got it?! Once he found out it was not only a Mantra, but also a bar towel, it became even more valuable, more exciting and ever more hopeful!

When Tobin's friend toasted me "to courage", my mind perked up and brought me back full circle to the bar towel. Life is about having courage, some risk involved, and conjuring up excitement for one's life. It's a small token, a daily mantra that life demands Courage of one's self; to try things that are hard, challenging, scary and/or unfamiliar - that's courage and I think it's acceptable in small doses. Courage isn't about being fearless, it's about overcoming fear. LOVE to everyone!

Playing with the thingamajigger
Small spaces are my thing

Wyatt chillin in another favorite spot
Our reward for today
For now,


  1. It's either a water pump or a beer tap pump - used daily!

  2. Maybe it is a toilet flusher, I think you said you had one aboard....Hey Jenn, if you keep rowing like you do, you will never have ARM FLAB.....and you will have a six pack without drinking it or even working out....keep on rowing....I think Key West sounds good, might have to keep it in mind....xoxo mama

  3. Had another comment - "To Courage" - nice toast, that was Uncle Sandy's favorite, the cowardly lion, he had courage - I think that is also a sign from Uncle Sandy, he had courage also!! xoxo mama

  4. I see your yoga pays off...you need to be "bendy" to navigate the small spaces!! and yes to Mom's comment about Uncle Sandy...The word "courage" in English has the same etymological root as the French coeur, which means "heart" "With courage we openly acknowledge what we can't control, and place our hearts wisely on our ability to connect with the truth of the moment and to move (sail) forward into the uncharted terrain (water) of the next moment" . It's almost time to pull up anchor and "set sail"....Wishing you calm seas, safe harbors and an amazing journey....Much Love Aunt Bev xoxo

  5. Thank you for all these words of inspiration. Love to stay connected through words. So much love we have for you!

  6. The thingamajigger is a foot pump that we disassembled to clean and troubleshoot because there was air getting into the kitchen sink/fresh water faucet.