Thursday, August 14, 2014

Proof of a busy day!

Proof of a busy day aboard consists of bruises, sore arms and dirt under the nails.
We heaved the anchor last evening for the first time (meaning we picked up our main anchor and she floated!). We sailed briefly since moving aboard 1 week ago. It was a great feeling. We had little wind in the arm, but we were able to control both sails and feel how she reacts in light winds. On our way back to the anchorage, we were traveling downwind (so the wind was pushing us from behind), and I was getting an anchoring lesson from Daniel. The manual windlass at the bow (which controls the movement of the anchor chain either up or down) was in a locked position so the chain wasn't able to free itself to drop the anchor...we ending up running aground onto soft mud. Then we were in a pickle and had to act swiftly. We had our first Kedging experience! In short, we rowed the smaller anchor out into deeper water (5-6 feet), and I dropped a 35 lb anchor overboard. We then pulled the hell out of the smaller anchor chain from Aletheia's cockpit and pulled ourselves off the sandbar where she again floated and we safely anchoring where we had initially intended! It was a great training exercise and learning experience for us both. She held well into the mud and needless to say, we slept well last night!

We continue to settle well onto Aletheia and she seems to feel the same. It has become apparent that some of the things I already miss, I'm hoping to emulate on our boat – the Kitchen & Coffee! I really like a full-sized kitchen (who doesn't, really?!), but this galley thing has its advantages 1) not much area to clean; 2) simple kitchen tools is all you need; 3) not many tools to clean after use! I certainly haven't earned my galley stripes yet, but it's a process and the familiarity of cooking feels like Home. We've successfully cooked a few breakfasts and warm dinners to accompany our sense of routine, our appetites and the following sun.

Likewise, coffee has always been a friend of mine, not so much Nate's, but he enjoys that coffee makes me happy. I've recently found my new favorite coffee maker that does quite well on Aletheia – the Aerobie AeroPress. This magical tool, accompanied only by a coffee mug, makes a rich, less bitter cup of java, better than some french press coffees I've tasted, with very little clean up which in our world has become a priority. I know some of you don't like coffee, which I will forgive you for, but it's the little things for me that has made this recent experience that much sweeter. And with rewards comes consequences...

Today's laugh: knocking my freshly brewed AeroPress, coffee mug too, all over the galley floor and my leg. Nate was quite the gentleman and made me a fresh mug and cleaned the mess I made. Lesson learned! 

Along with us, Wyatt continues to adapt himself to small spaces and continues to ascend/descend the companion steps with shakey grace. We're thinking of adding a couple boards to the upper companionway steps so Wyatt can safely ascend and not slip through the stairs. I think that will alleviate everyone's apprehension!

All in all, things are going well. We did open our first official housewarming gift, under my mom's strict orders to open only when we're on our boat - our first Guest Book! We hope to fill the book with new friends and old upon our travels. Thanks again mama for your unabating love and thoughtfulness you continue to give to us!

Today's agenda: take care of laundry and buy a used fiberglass dinghy (we decided against building our own for the moment) to use as our workhorse to and from the boat. 

Thanks again everyone for reading and hope this finds you well! 
A view looking aft at the galley - isn't she cute?!
Nate up the foremast!
Contentment in the cockpit!
For now,


  1. Congrats on running aground for the first time and at least it was soft! :)

  2. The galley looks great! Totally understand the coffee thing - I think it's important to keep a few small indulgences that take up virtually no space but make a huge difference to how you feel. Buying a fiberglass dinghy sounds perfect for your dinghy needs - you need to spend your precious time on other things.

  3. also - what do you burn in that stove? Would you like us to bring along a couple boxes of wood when we see you in Maine?
    love, mum

  4. Wonderful to read and see your progress and adventures! Love DEJS

  5. Here is another option for coffee.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion Carew!

  7. Ahoy.....sounds like quite and adventure!! I can see why you would be tired by eve. and sleep very well!! !Jenn, I'm impressed with your "sail-speak" Love Aunt Bev