Saturday, May 9, 2015

Admitting is Refreshing

Topic: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

A topic most people would rather avoid; however, acknowledging these 'things' that make us feel uneasy are the very things we should confront to get to the next level, for personal growth. Find an opportunity to come face to face with one or all of your discomforts, even if these things are inconsequential.

I start my blog entry with the definition. And although it makes me uncomfortable (or feel stupid) to look up the definition, I'm ok with admitting that I do this quite often with words, even elementary ones.

Uncomfortable (adj). 
  • causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort; 
  • causing or feeling unease or awkwardness.
So, here I admit a few things that make me uncomfortable (based on the above definition) without going into too much detail and in no particular order. I'm already feeling twitchy and fraught.
  • any variety of snake
  • sailing at night
  • talking about politics
  • public speaking
  • asking for help
  • disapproval
  • getting older
  • interviews
  • restaurant menus
  • confrontation
  • silence
Can you name the top three things that make you uncomfortable? It's ok to admit them here!

1 comment:

  1. Three things for me: Being ignored, tight spaces, crowds (particularly when chanting, clapping in unison, or etc.).

    I'm enjoying your blog.