Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lily Said It Best

Ok, so already on Day 2 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge and I'm having writer's block! Damn! I've chosen to skip around a bit and select an easier topic. I'll need to get over the idea that writing has to be perfect and just write! After three attempts on three different topics, I'm going to share one of my favorite quotes...

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down" - Lily Tomlin

I am by no means an innocent or expert in slowing down. Frankly, I suck at slowing down. It makes me uncomfortable, but grateful for Lily's wisdom, this quote hones in on my current life and what I've learned from this quote. My first impression of this quote reminds me of an antacid commercial and having an upset stomach. The only way to avoid an upset stomach is to be conscious of what you're putting into your body and not to get one in the first place. The only way to slow down is to not allow time to control you and to realize and think clearly about what you are doing at this moment. No one wants an upset stomach! No one wants to be controlled by time. Although time is a constant and clearly inevitable, this quote reminds me to honor life at a bit slower pace. To appreciate the organic things around me (colors, noises, movement). To take a moment to breath and allow my body to feel alive. To see what is actually right in front of me. Could be nothing or it could be everything. Important things can be unseen if you're speeding through your days.

Never in my life have I slowed down so much, so drastically, all at once. This has been a great challenge no doubt because I enjoy keeping myself busy like a bee. My life usually consists of filling my social calendar, taking on numerous priorities at work and distracting myself with to-do lists and new projects. Being busy makes one feel important. And don't get me wrong, I love making to-do lists and seeing my items get checked off the list. It's very gratifying and I to, feel important.

This quote can also be repurposed in any situation. It's a constant reminder that slowing down is key to a fulfilling life. So often we go about our day, blindly, getting from Point A to Point B and not remembering how we arrived or how we felt during the time getting there. I've been guilty of this many times! This quote keeps me in the present moment when I find myself distracted by something other than what I'm doing, which, truthfully, is very difficult for me. It's important to get a little slap in the face and come back to present time. I'm always planning for the next event, the following day. SLAP! But on a sailboat, we're actually living day-to-day, living in as many moments as possible. Yes, some days are not living moment to moment. I get irritated by slowing down too much and slowing down isn't something I'm particularly good at, but it helps me to think methodically about how I'm doing things. More questions can arise when slowing down. Mistakes can be avoided when slowing down. Lessons can be learned when slowing down. Slowing down doesn't have to be a magic little pill for a perfect life. But it's a nice mantra to keep in your back pocket. From time to time give yourself a gentle slap in the face to remind yourself about how you're moving and thinking through life, day-by-day. Find relief by slowing down. Stop and smell the roses.

What's your favorite quote (from a person, book, etc)?

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  1. WOW!!...oh WOW!!!....I love your writing!!! It's peaceful to read...I can hear your voice when I read your words...a long..long..time ago I kept a diary as a young girl (wish I still had them) then Oprah made keeping a gratitude journal popular...Uncle Sandy and I did it, at least 5 things a day you were grateful for....Makes you pause, slow down...breathe...Then I kept journals for years...I don't write nearly enough inspire me....I'm going to try again...I like this saying..."Yesterday is history..tomorrow a mystery, today a GIFT..which is why it's called the present..."
    Stop and smell those roses!!! Much Love Aunt Bev :-)