Thursday, May 14, 2015

Easy To Give. Hard to Receive.

Topic: A piece of advice you have for others

Allow yourself to be unafraid to try something new, but do it for You. Try anything once, even if slightly out of your comfort zone. Embrace the opportunity, but don't feel you must put yourself in harm's way; know your limits and believe you will and deserve a new experience. 

Yes, I'm sure you know where this is coming from! My sailing and liveaboard experience has got me thinking about how I felt and who I was one year ago to this day. It was nearly one year ago (give or take a couple days) that we verbally agreed to buy Aletheia which sent contracts and emotions into motion. Oh yes, I was afraid. I wouldn't have taken this leap of faith if not for my husband, so no I didn't exactly do this for myself. But, I do know about embracing opportunities, stepping out of the lovely arms of my comfort zone. I've always been willing to try anything once just to acknowledge my limitations and get the adrenaline boiling (slightly). It usually works out that there is always an opportunity for growth from a new experience. 

Along the bumpy waves and strong currents, although it's been a recent discovery of mine, this journey has been for Me. I'm no adrenaline junkie and I like my comforts, but I have learned to become more resilient, appreciate the ups and downs that life throws at me, to adapt to changing circumstances, to find patience and embrace my emotional rollercoaster. 

Of course, this advice links into other areas of life experiences other than cruising. However, I have been able to embrace this challenge/advice fully through cruising. And saying to myself, "If I can do "this", I can certainly do "that" is a wonderful mantra that I've fully embraced by saying yes to this challenge. My own advice that I share with others has given me the gift to embrace yet-to-be-seen opportunities, to be unafraid of what comes next and lastly, to accept my limits. We all deserve to grow into a better, smarter, and braver person even if it happens in the least way you expect it!

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