Friday, May 15, 2015

More than a moment...An experiment

Topic: A moment in your day

First coat of varnish on the starboard toerail
Since this body position and task has been part of my life throughout the last week and will continue into this week, it's only appropriate to give you a glimpse into a moment in my day...Varnishing!

It's more work than I anticipated and my back hates me right now, but I enjoy seeing my progress. To watch my boat come to life by sanding (lots of sanding) and paint brushing (lots of paint brushing) a little bit of magic onto the teak companionway, toerails and handrails, gives me simple joy. Varnished wood on a boat is also known as brightwork and boy are we getting after it! So, why stop there?! Enjoying the fruits of my labor, it's onto the interior brightwork for more sanding, brushing, varnishing and pure satisfaction. 

Before and after photos to follow!

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  1. Jen, come sail with me. Heretic has lots of varnish and it all needs attention!