Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just in case you were wondering...

I realize I took on the Blog Everyday in May challenge excitedly without realizing that I won't be able to post my blog posts for an extended period of time. 

We are departing Boot Key Harbor on Monday, May 18th (WooHoo!) heading towards St. Petersburg, FL. No Internet. A guest aboard. Drinks to make. Dinners to cook. A boat to sail 200NM. I'll be a very busy first mate!

However, I will fulfill the Blog Everyday in May challenge, extending into June and continue writing offline. This type of writing has done wonders for my mind, my happiness and even my self-confidence. I'll complete the project for my own desire, to see what I come up with, to be and find more creativity, but to reveal myself in a different light and for others in the blogosphere, or family and friends just reading our blog, to get to know me better. To get to know myself better too. I'll post less than periodically. But complete, I will!

We have truly enjoyed our time here, making new friends, completing projects and visiting new landmarks, but we look forward to sailing Aletheia to a new place with greener pastures. Our varnishing project is near complete so I'll be happy to show photos soon. 

Off to Key West to pick up Nate's mum!

A memorial Manhattan of my father
Look mom, I made a new friend. She's the best!
Glimpse into varnished toerails 
Pool Night
Ship's Captain front and center
Boys talkin' boats aboard Moondance

 Love to all,
Jenn & Nate 


  1. Woah! St Pete? Heading into the gulf? What an unelected change of plans! Where next?

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